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Eric Tyler Benick is the author of the chapbook, Fox Hunts (Kitty Cat Stevens Press, 2015). He is co-founder and editor at Ursus Americanus Press, an online journal and chapbook publication. He is also the creator and curator of Life Is Boring, a reading series. His poems have appeared or are forthcoming in Reality Beach, Souvenir, Fruita Pulp, Gap Tooth, and Susan. He currently lives with his partner and their cat in the South Inglewood neighborhood of Nashville, TN.

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Vanishing Point 

Eric Tyler Benick

At the vanishing point
squished oblivion
some small eternity
where a chicken lays black
eggs from the mouth and kicks
up garbage from the earth
screaming down the interstate chasing
train trails
the windows open with heat
and radio
blue sun red moon
vulture parties
guns shooting out
street lights
space station sends down information from the void
a shock of dark matter through
the telephone line and the circuit
spits fire
an unseen hill of rock
agriculture of bone
somewhere between the swollen cat and
the sandstorm perspective shifts

water never came from the sky
in a town where everyone is always leaving

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