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How do memory and reality coalesce when it comes to painting and the portraiture of subjects? Through a convoluted imaginary, effervescent with symbolism, Ivana Flores inhabits in her work different fields of simultaneous experience: reality, dream, everyday life, and imagination merge at a turning point of boundless consciousness of self-image and world. Under a singular theme—the inner reality of things, whimsical forms travel back and forth between solid representation and more primary aspects of the human experience, liberating the sensorial and the visible from opaque abstractions and locating vulnerability. Taking cue from the epic grandeur of historical painting, Flores constructs her body of work as a timeless primeval story with archetypes—both anthropomorphic and zoomorphic, juxtaposing eras and configurations. Her critical realism, inflected with magic, blurs the thin line between the representable and the imaginable, expanding artistic practice to direct utterances directed at the viewer, by means of reducing the visual distance. Always warm and inviting, the women-centric paintings in the exhibition take on the harshness of a homeless world, by creating in it a safe yet fluid place for joy and happiness, for expectation and hope.

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Ivana Flores


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