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So You Think You Can Dance reject Christopher Oie Keller earned his MAT from Western Oregon University. A former Victoria’s Secret supervisor, he now substitute teaches in Portland. In his “spare time,” he directs student plays and performs in community theatre. His work has appeared in publications such as The Delinquent, Leveler, and Right Hand Pointing and will be appearing in The James Dickey Review and The African American Review. He managed to get married late last year to someone who understands the writing process. Bits of his work and thoughts can be tracked down on poemwordbound.tumblr.com—stop by and say hello.

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Thinking Fondly

Christopher Oie Keller

Fredericks of Hollywood
spreads its aisles
adjacent to
Motherhood Maternity
in the mall where I work.

Poetry is hard to write,
but easy to see.

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