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Nikoletta Nousiopoulos is a mother, wife, and poet who resides in Southeastern Connecticut. She published all the dead goats in 2010 with Little Red Tree Publishing. Some of her poetry has appeared in Tammy, Pioneertown Literary Journal, Thin Noon, Meadowland Review, and others. She is taking some time off as an adjunct professor of writing to focus on motherhood on poetry.

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One Poem  

Nikoletta Nousiopoulos

The Poet’s Portrait Recalling Tombs & Pears

What falls to earth breaks me in half:
the dahlia mouth of yellow
swallows my baby-bird. But there was magic
most days. Planets caught fire
and drowned in spellbound space.
I used to unbutton the clouds & taste the rain;
I got lost. I dug a hole and filled it with rocks.
After church, trees watched my skirt
blow up in the wind
with chicken feathers—
Yiayiá always drew the best chickens.
In every blank of bark I carved an “N”
because I couldn’t stand my own name.
Grass stains and bloody knees
sealed my body closed. That spring,
our pear tree impaled me to a deer belly:
was a lie I told my mother.
How many grapes can I fit in my mouth
before I choke?
Our dead dog (in a shoe box) in the backyard.

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