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After receiving a BA in English literature from Lindenwood University, Ann Robinson attended the MFA program at the University of Arkansas. In addition to owning a farming operation in Arkansas, she is also a legal clerk in the Criminal Division of the Superior Court of Marin County, California. She has been the recipient of the John Spaemer Award for Outstanding Fiction, a Marin Arts Council grant, and a scholarship to study at a Hofstra University conference. She’s also studied with Kathleen Fraser, Miller Williams, and Thomas Centolella.

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The Orchestra And Chorus From Soweto

Ann Robinson

A bicycle wire for a violin string,
bow, an arch slide of winnowed wood,
and now the fingers listen.
A child with a swat stick conjures
music on garbage lids, the voices calling
from windows, crowded alleys, a tenement moon.
Stiff combat, a hundred strokes in torpid heat
creates orchestra.
Altos, gleaming mouths, singing now
from the grasslands,
wild hooves buried inside the voices,
hands clapping.
Lean into the stride:
three clear sopranos, seven tenors,
clarity of youth and brown eyes.
Beauty on a cello wire drumming through dirt.
Some say art from the underground,
some call it prayer.

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