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Lara Winn is a social psychology student from Portland, Oregon, with a lifelong passion for poetry. She graduated from Vassar College with a degree in psychology and is currently applying to doctoral programs. Her poetry has appeared in The Claremont Review, an international journal for young writers and artists. She works as a victim advocate for survivors of domestic and sexual violence, and she aspires to both write poetry and conduct research that is attuned to power dynamics.

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The Carcass  

Lara Winn

The Carcass

In a watercolor morning
you lie open at the neck,
brown fresh parting
over perfect ribs.
The sight of you jolts the tourists
like the snap of a door:
a little prick to their sensibilities.
Death is an offense.
A boy explains
you to his sister as the sea pounds
on insensibly and their voices fade.
The dull black crows
hop closer.
Since they love their lives
they must take apart yours.

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