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Emily Rose Larsen is a manic pixie poet living in Chicago, America. A poem of hers was included in the anthology CHORUS: A Literary Mixtape, edited by Saul Williams with Aja Monet and Dufflyn Lammers. Her work has appeared on The Scrambler and will run in a forthcoming publication of Bank Heavy Press.

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Emily Rose Larsen

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You rose-up in quick pink
across from the cemetery on Peterson
in a public bathroom stall.
Pocked a gasp I silenced with a flush
as children began banging on the air-dryers
toilet-wind roaring

You rose-up rosacea and cross-eyed, a cleft to stuffed away
I remember the smell of sterile and the immediate gnaw

And the Roseland Cemetery watching
my elevator descent towards the Target parking lot

All of the costumed gravestones
became your jagged little smile
particles scattered in snowed-over dirt
gum and glycerin
through gate and bar

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