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Ashley-Elizabeth Best is from Cobourg, Ontario. She was on the poetry shortlist for the 2011 Matrix Litpop Awards and PRISM’s Poetry Prize 2012. She has poetry appearing in The Rusty Toque, Reader’s Digest, Tampa Review, CV2, and Branch Magazine. She recently placed first for poetry in This Magazine’s Great Canadian Literary Hunt 2012 and was the poetry runner up for subTerrain Magazine’s Lush Literary Awards 2012. She has a chapbook published with Cactus Press called Slow States of Collapse. Currently she lives and writes in Kingston.

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Storming the Sprawl

Ashley-Elizabeth Best

In this corner,
where tingle-sniff knotted patches of grass
wisp pollen through the drying
breeze, newspapers and wrappers gather
at her feet.

The sky churns terminal clouds,
falls slack and dull into an umber

Between the mushrooming buildings,
the distance is scratched by rain.
It riddles the river with dark-wet
pocks of gold light.

Heat withered, she sits on a gnawed
stump, arms stretched towards the
threadlike tear in the sky;

thuggish flutter of leaves
brought to meet the thunder
overhead. There is no

fear on her face, her belly
moonward bent.

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