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Michelle Askin’s poetry has appeared or is forthcoming in The Hopper Review, QU Literary Journal, Pleiades, Off The Coast, Pennsylvania Literary Journal, Beecher’s Magazine, Exact Change Only, and elsewhere. She lives in Virginia.

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Michelle Askin

The road narrowed and the ridge of the mountains grew grayer.
The radio was the rain of a village twenty miles ahead
of where you were in Bedford, Va.
Where you were lost and alone, and the star-sign
and some hardware of the gas station was left, but no fuel pumps.
Or, you were young and still believed
all the dreams of your life would come true.
The yellow streak bolt in the violet sky could not hurt
anything—the sheep braying in the pastures
or the yearlings grazing the hay.
You did not know things. You did not know
you would be more and more sad all the time.
And that this kind of journey would not always
be an into the hazel mist and awakening,
but soon just a forest smoke scarred psalm
of an infinite wandering into the far away.

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