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As a visual artist with an academic background in anthropology, and video, Anna Valdez views artists as cultural producers. In her work, she attempts to combine these practices into a specific investigation that cultivates not only personal identity, but also cultural meaning. Currently, she is working on various narratives that explore her own traditions and history through a visual format. This process has led her to rely on photographs, stories, family recipes, horticulture, and the tradition of crafting as something concrete in order to construct her autobiography. She considers this examination to be a rite of passage into a globalized society while simultaneously finding her niche within. Recently, many of her pieces have been still lifes. These arrangements have been composed from various household items such as her clothes, quilts, scarves, blankets, houseplants, drawings, paintings, books, records, and vessels. These items exist as a part of her domestic environment, and she has put them in her paintings to understand the domestic sphere as emblematic of both personal and collective experience.

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Anna Valdez


oil on canvas
26 x 24 in.

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