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Matthew Sharos is a Poetry MFA candidate at Columbia College Chicago where he teaches first-year writing. His work is forthcoming in Columbia Poetry Review and Eratio.

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Sony. No baloney.

Matthew Sharos

           my father was a girl
spitting wire casings
onto the carpet
           hanging a pair of speakers
           in the ceiling
           above her bed
all the power bated
           in a light switch
that moment where watts
hum in the dark

my father was a boy
           an electrician
           loved his mother
under the sink
popeye mugs of wine
           the milkman was the white
for wires

           my father was
           my father
           was my father was
my father is my mother’s house
my father is my mother
           my father is

he is not the accident
           he is not old
           he is tinkering and sad
he recites every song he ever wrote
he is sounding

in a hollow box
of particle board

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