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Emily Grace Bernard’s work has been published or is forthcoming in Sixth Finch, The Adroit Journal, The Boiler, Word Riot, Whistling Shade, Stone Highway Review, burntdistrict, Heavy Feather Review, Vending Machine Press, and elsewhere. She lives in Los Angeles, CA, and can be found at twitter.com/xxxemilybernard.

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Private Cities 

Emily Grace Bernard

His face emerges from between your legs like
a creature from the swamp—shoulder blades

bucking to a bang as the Liberty Bell—its
one big crack fought for—forgets to ring

as the sketched snake of a skyline
sheds its diamond back over again—

wonder if it will ever feel like he is coming home
to Boston with all the city lights laid out, learning

to touch the small closed circuits Thomas Edison
stole from starlight—shocking his curious fingers

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