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Maxine Davidowitz’s career as a creative director for consumer magazines spanned over thirty years, but in 2008 she stepped away from full-time creative direction to combine consulting with her first love, painting. Her work is an exploration of the personal meaning she finds in the translucent dialog between images of natural forms and those of young children, with their not-quite-solid presence in the world. These pieces have many layers of meaning, some only revealed to her as she completes a work. She’s also interested in issues of scale, and the power that a relatively large size gives to the human face, particularly those of young children. She’s also done a series of very small pieces (8 x 8 in.), which, with their intimate scale, engage the viewer in a different way. And a series she’s begun, of women in mid-life, continues the exploration and uses the forms of nature to echo the effects of time on our faces. Her watercolor works were done over many years of travel and summer residence in Woodstock, NY. Her digital collection is a recent passion: works done on the iPad using Adobe Eazel, which mimics in some ways the fluidity of watercolors and explores shape and color in a free, intuitive way.

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Maxine Davidowitz


oil on wood panel
8 x 8 in.

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