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Tyler Gobble is currently studying at Ball State University. He is an intern with The Collagist, lead poetry editor of The Broken Plate, and a contributor with Vouched Online. His poems have been published by or are forthcoming from Spooky Boyfriend, Everyday Genius, Mad Swirl, among other places.

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On Patience

Tyler Gobble

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Oh, what a headache all this can be! There is a difference between waiting for it to rain and pushing your car into a lake. The dog sits waiting with the treat on its nose while its owner stuffs himself with Ding-Dongs and Cheetos. The mouth is a crazy contraption. I want to sit in a crowded room and hear someone say something other than “hurry up” or “come on.” I want to stop ruining the soles of my shoes with all the tapping. My dad said I would have a heart attack before I turned eighteen. I showed him!

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