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Thomas Fucaloro’s latest book is out now by Three Rooms Press titled, It Starts from the Belly and Blooms. He is found editor for great weather for MEDIA and editor for Staten Island’s new literary magazine, NYSAI. He teaches poetry workshops at the Harlem Children’s Zone, NEON Bronx Probation Center, Writopia Lab, LGBTQ Pride Center, and the LouderArts Project. He just received his MFA in creative writing at the New School. His next book will be out by Tired Hearts Press titled, Mistakes Disguised as Stars. He has been on three slam teams: Intangibles 2012, JC Slam 2013, and LouderARTS 2014, which placed twelfth out of seventy-two teams in the National Poetry Slam.

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Night crawls in, all out splendor and glory be

Thomas Fucaloro

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to the half eaten ghosts of evidence rooms
line the walls, broken
heirlooms for piles to mountain.

The “left of you” is charred, marred, deformed
ghosts you are, almost dead, half alive
in the dust of the the fluorescent bulb’s moonlight.

The half eaten ghosts of evidence rooms
are the constant blink of an almost complete eye
you are the unfinished dead.

You shall never rest. Cleaning and inventories
are how you are kept alive, in some basement
for the world to forget.

And no one hears your silence and these facts
will always silence your name. This is what
you leave behind: tomorrow’s noise.

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