> Y2K ECHO | jnana hodson

Everybody kept squawking about
the next millennium as if that was
reason in itself for excitement, but few
braced for a Second Coming or
Great Rapture. Mostly, I kept hearing
advertisements for a new dessert
from a clownish hamburger drivethru
more than crystalline church bells at midnight.
Few heeded calls for repentance or
warnings of political disorder. All the while,
there was plotting. Of voting machine chads.
Of Supreme Court cronyism. Of hijacked jetliners
and crashing skyscrapers. Of curbed liberties
and renewed warfare. Of terror, indeed.
The National Guard unit's called up and off.
The power grid fails. And it's just beginning.
Admittedly, not quite on schedule.

> BIOGRAPHY | about the author

Jnana Hodson is still amazed that his younger stepdaughter will argue for an hour to avoid a task that would take five minutes to complete. And by now he's learned that "just a second" is actually her way of brushing him off. He wonders if she's related to the art of revision. Jnana's work can be found in numerous places, including Typo Magazine, The Ultimate Hallucination, and the2ndhand.