JULY 2004

> UNTITLED | jason jordan

I got home at 2:30 AM and was really tired. I pressed my thumb to the garage door opener and as it opened slowly, I saw hints of a white Honda van. God damn it! I thought to myself. That fucker parked in my spot! So I turned my car off and went in the garage, all the while dodging gas cans, lawnmowers, sacks of clothes, packs of soft drinks, only to reach the door to my house, realizing that I had created a huge mess in the process. Fuck! I thought. This fucking sucks! I got in my dimly-lit kitchen and started pacing. I could go downstairs and start banging on one of his cymbals ... or go down there and pour water all over him ... no, I'll set all of his alarm clocks to go off in 10-minute intervals ... but he would only sleep through them like he usually does. I can't be passive, I always am. I'm so tired but I'm so pissed. I think I'll just leave a note. "Don't park in my spot!" He'll take it lightly, but I don't really care. If he does it again, I'll do something drastic.

> BIOGRAPHY | about the author

Congratulations to Jason. He is our 4th of July contest winner and will receive all kinds of goodies. Keep an eye out for our next contest and maybe you'll be our winner ... or maybe not. All we really know about Jason is that he writes stories and visits the Bean Street Reading Series.