> THE SKINNY GIRL | ian uriel girdley

She was beautiful but as big as a twig,
I thought waif-like angel won't you eat,
I imagine I might crush you if
we get the chance to roll around in dirty sheets.

But I thought how nice and easy it would be
to carry you to the bed, if only you would let me,
and how simply I could wield your body
up and down, around and over those dirty sheets.

But yesterday I did my laundry,
so, for now, my sheets are clean,
and they will not be dirty again until
we tire each other before we sleep.

But first I must wine you and dine you,
and make you fall in love with me,
hence now I am asking you to dinner,
so, waif-like angel won't you eat?

> BIOGRAPHY | about the author

Ian Uriel Girdley currently thinks he lives in Bloomington, Indiana where he writes, as well as organizes the Drunk and Unpublished poetry series and events and participates in other community literary arts and media organizations. He currently has two self-published chapbooks, Haiku and Other Shorts and Broken Candy Cigarettes, and is also published in the Matrix literary arts organization's anthology, Fine Wine Mortar. If he saw you, he would probably give you a kiss.