> SPEECHLESS | mark hayden

I sat next to you on that cool summer night.
That cool summer slight of your hand
That stole something of mine.
My heart?
My soul?
My peace of mind?
Or maybe my piece of mind,
The one that lets me think of anything else.

Why does it have to be called a crush at all?
Does it have to hurt?
Do I have to be labeled with that five letter word?
That five lettered word
That I'd love to have ready,
If I could have a word ready to speak clearly.

Cause when you... I'm speechless.
Or maybe I should say disorganized
And sometimes pissed off,
But whatever the case I can't help but smile
When I think of it all.

I'm down and out
Can't win for losing
And all alone
All alone in this situation that I'm in.
But I cannot ask for much more
Much more than what I already am,
Just friends with you.


Maybe this is just a crush,
Felt from the touch of your life to mine
  Not lips.
    Not hand.
      Not heart.
        Felt from the touch of your life
        To mine.

> BIOGRAPHY | about the author

Mark Hayden is a future Pulitzer prize hopeful, and dabbles in poetry, but mostly he writes trite prose to the delights of no one which makes a Pulitzer prize pretty unattainable. He is a struggling college student as well.