> SHE | holly haufler

Touch me there as tears stream down my face
Until the tears trickle across the nape of my neck
And peak at my nipples
Find their way into the valley of my belly
Reaching like hands toward my mound filled with water to quench your thirst
Tell me I am magnificent, wonderful, beautiful, a woman, free, and don't lie
Make love to me like never before
Fill me
Feel me
Fill your belly with me
Take me, all of me
Taste me, the sweetness of the nectar that lies within the valley of the tears I have cried for so many years
Of the years of lovemaking I have made with and without you
Of the life I have lived that is now yours, for this moment
Let me feel your love for once . . .

> BIOGRAPHY | about the author

Holly Haufler is a senior at U of L in the English Department. Professionally, she is an editor, and enjoys writing poetry in her spare time, as well as exploring her newfound interest in photography.