APRIL 2006

> SEMINAL PIECE | david flynn

Slipping, sliding, creeping under consciousness.
Yet I see you, working
so busy.

The world looks small from far away,
cars collide.
Imagination is stretched to avoid reality.

Suseris of tyres,
amorphous towers.
A land shrouded in fog.

A light on the landscape,
home, a beacon.
A radiance in darkness.

Procedures, attention to detail.
The accusers dissemble.
Morality is beyond them.

Hostility, in a cheerless place.
A grim celebration
of a lifetime's work.

In the margin,
a hectic note.
"I'd rather be me, than you."

> BIOGRAPHY | about the author

Flynn lives in Scotland and is a contracting Computing Lecturer. He started writing in 2003 and achieved literary success the following year in BBC's End of Story. He has received positive reviews for his poetry, including several "picks of the week" on the "Writers Dock" website. In addition, his work has been featured on Poetry Scotland, Poetic Hours, Snakeskin, Decanto, Ancient heart and Poetry, Songs and Writers of Scotland.