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> SCARECROWS (1988) | danielle hess

Directed by William Wesley. Written by Richard Jefferies and William Wesley. Starring Ted Vernon (Corbin), Michael David Simms (Curry), Richard Vidan (Jack), Kristina Sanborn (Roxanne), Victoria Christian (Kellie), David James Campbell (Al), and B.J. Turner (Bert).

"Hey Curry, how are we gonna live in Mexico, we're dead." - Jack, WORST quote ever.

Scarecrows is a retelling of an actual event which occurred in the summer of 1972, in Baughville, Texas. Of course, screenwriter Richard Jeffries took liberties with the story. The event was a birthday party, and there was no kidnapping, robbery, or scarecrows. However, I think the plot benefited from the creative spirit of Jeffries.

Scarecrows is the story of five criminals who raid the Camp Pendleton payroll and kidnap a pilot and his daughter, forcing them to fly to Mexico. After being double crossed by fellow criminal, Bert, the crew finds themselves in a graveyard surrounded by scarecrows ... deadly scarecrows.

Once the characters are in the cemetery, each person gets killed off one by one until Kellie is the sole survivor. Kellie was obviously the weakest character of the film. I could not wait for her to be gutted and stuffed with straw like all the others. But she lives ... what kind of birthday surprise is that?

Throughout the film there is unrealized sexual tension between Kellie and Roxanne. This was boring and should have been either left out or acted on. As a matter of fact, the entire movie is boring. Don't watch it. Build your own damn scarecrow. Throw your own damn birthday party.

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