> PASSIONATE SOULS | rick sandage

To live life from within your soul
Is to maintain passion for all
To focus on what is real
And take hold when life comes to call
If this is something you possess
No one can take it away
They can rattle your thoughts and batter your heart
But your soul is here to stay
Though as you pave your path
The soul will evolve along the way
This is the control you have
Over how it all comes into play
I do not believe
That all souls are kind
Evil is not hollow
And those who are,
Know exactly what they are here to find
There is no such thing as positive
Without contrast from a negative force
That is why no path is straight
On either side,
Both will effect your course
The decision is quite simple
For I do not believe it is your own
Though you have your questions
From day one you have known
It is the passion that makes you feel
What is right and wrong
Right seems more of a struggle
And we've known that all along
To be selfish as you go
Makes everything easier to do
For there are no thoughts of consideration
No destractions in this life,
It is all about you
Leaders and followers
Are not of kings and peasants
Leaders are only the one's
Who consider others in their presence
And do all they can
To do what is best
With what life has given them
Untainted by the rest
It is not only evil
That will challenge your ways
Beware of the shallow
They know nothing of what I say
Evil is not hard to find
But the lost one's can be mistaken
This is truly the majority
And I fear they may never be awaken
And they do not know right
And they know nothing of wrong
And dangerous are those
Who don't know where to belong
All they know of passion
Is what they admire in others
They will attach themselves to anything
To get their minds up out of the gutters
Souls that do not need
Approval from the masses
Are obligated to try
To embrace life as it passes
Not to short yourself
Of anything you may need
But know when to stand
And know when to proceed
If you feel that you agree
With what I'm trying to say
Stay strong young soldiers
In time you will find your way

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He bartends.