> NOTES FOR WRITING POETRY | kent fielding

Trust your insanity
Write something wild
Write something your mother
doesn't approve of, that God
doesn't approve of,
something that may not make sense.
Write about your family, your boyfriend
your childhood, about running naked
in the middle of a thunderstorm
through a tobacco field in August
and how the rain felt like hot wax.
Dream big and unreserved.
The universe is yours when you dream.
Write in vivid images
eggs yolks becoming full moons
silence being a field of wilted corn
No emotions but in things.
Forget love, show absence of love
First thought, best thought but how
many rewrites does it take to
capture first thought?
Stay focused on moment
Eternity exists in the moment
Forgive imperfections
Perfection is boring and unrealistic
Remember experiences that hurt
Pain = learning
Dysfunctional lives are interesting
Dysfunctional lives are truthful
Truth is a scarred face
Now tell me about that face
Write in the morning, afternoon,
at night, while you dream.
Writing is an addiction
Become addicted and scream it to others,
"I'm an addict and You can go to hell."
Write about your addiction.
Remember beauty is in all things.

> BIOGRAPHY | about the author

Kent Fielding's first book of poetry Chief Iffucan was published in 2002 by Wasteland Press. His work has appeared in journals and anthologies such as Prairie Schooner, Asheville Poetry Review, Modern Haiku, Pavement Saw, Frisk Magazine, Bottle Rockets, Wilmington Blues and others.