In a fearscape of false alarms it's easy to flaunt phony fearlessness.
Pieces of blue don't fall from the sky.
The cry of fire in a crowded theater incites shouts of shut-up
rather than a lemming-like charge to the exit.
A car alarm at night summons no police,
but makes everyone, even the owner himself,
wish that a thief would steal the damn thing already.
Wolf might be loudly cried, but wolves are extinct in big cities.
Nostradamus's rhymes reveal more fantasies than forecasts.
The end is not so near, so it's safe to repent tomorrow or the day after.
However, not all alarms are false,
one really can be yanked from a car at gunpoint.
And while blue doesn't fall from the heavens,
loose bricks from buildings do fracture occasional skulls.
Sometimes, film will catch fire in a projector.
True, wolves are extinct in the city, but only the canine kind.
A hundred raving prophets equal one true prophecy
Ah, but which one is it?
Shadows are cast both under nighttime neons and noontime suns,
so fearing your own shadow leaves you always standing still.
Keep moving yet heed the soothsayers,
but learn to tell Chicken Little from Paul Revere.

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Brooklyn's Richard Fein has been published in many web and print journals. He also has an interest in digital photography. Samples of his photography can be found at THIS WEBSITE.