JULY 2004

> LOVE LEFT HIDDEN | jay whitman

There's a place I hide within myself
Where no one else can go.
That is where the real me lives,
The one most never know.
I close myself inside my heart
And pretend no one is home.
Though surrounded by people
I spend my life alone.
I want so much to trust you,
But you have me so confused.
I fear that you will break my heart
And leave me feeling used.
If I opened my door for you
And let you into my heart,
Would you come with good intentions
Or would you tear my world apart?
My instincts say push you away
But my heart I can't ignore,
It quickens when you speak to me
Like it's never done before.
I probbably shouldn't say these things,
But I feel it's worth the chance
If my soul could join in with yours
For one celestial dance.
If things should stay as they are,
Please just let me know.
I would remain your friend happily
Without the tortured soul.
But I can't remember if
I've felt this way before,
You let me drink deep of happiness
And promise me there's more.
I swear to never hurt you
If you share your love with me.
I'll give you everything I am
And all I hope to be.
I'll tell you everything about me,
That I have never shared.
I'll let you see sides of my heart
That I have never bared.
'Till then I'll stay inside myself
In my secret place I hide.
My door's unlocked, it's up to you
To choose to step inside.

> BIOGRAPHY | about the author

Jay Whitman is a regular performer at the Bean Street Reading Series and his work is featured in anthology, Where Handstands Surprise Us.