JUNE 2006

> ACCEPTANCE | miles j. bell

He knocked up
the first girl he fucked
who he liked
and stuck around
with his 10 hour job
and his cheap shoes
and the plain girl
he would have settled
for less
unwilling to fight
the limitations of his class
a life more ordinary
than he could've had
a realist
he understood
that while hope can sustain
it can crucify the non-committed
but he breathed
the sadness of trains
disappearing from view
the sadness
of cracking embers
in a dwindling fire
he turned 23
and he was old

> BIOGRAPHY | about the author

Miles J. Bell is 34 and lives in Northern England. His job is too dull to mention, as is his dipsomania, his penchant for toast, and his numerous publishing credits. He is not looking for love, correspondence, or to buy any encyclopedias.