MAY 2005

> AARDVARK OATMEAL | kelly shiflet

If I look down,
I wonít see whatís coming.
If I look up,
Iíll trip over my feet.
With that said,
the future is unbecoming,
The clarity of the hereafter,
blends with the blurs of the past.
The nimbus is my godsend;
my sieve.
It sorts through my obtuse thoughts - my memories - choosing which
would turn to ooze, which
Foams, Spews, Lathers, Fumes, Gurgles, Fizzles, Sparks, Clouds,
Vaporizes, Froths, Boils, Sparkles, Ferments
Out through my ears, my mouth, nose and eyes.
Perhaps, thatís why I see only through foggy perception....
The goop drowns me in my subconscious,
witnessing my life flashing before me,
I realize it is a good security blanket of death-

> BIOGRAPHY | about the author

Kelly Nicole Shiflet currently attends the University of Louisville under a Liberal Studies major. She plans on doing some Chinese/Japanese interpreting some time within her life. Joining the Peace Corps is becoming more appealing as the days of college wrench out what little creativity remains within her.