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Dick Bentley has published fiction, poetry, and memoir in over two hundred journals, magazines, and anthologies on three continents. His books, Post-Freudian Dreaming and A General Theory of Desire, are available on Amazon, Powell’s Books, or at dickbentley.com. He has served on the board of the Modern Poetry Association (now known as the Poetry Foundation), is a Pushcart Prize nominee, and was prizewinner in the Paris Review/Paris Writers Workshop International Fiction Awards. Before teaching writing at the University of Massachusetts, he was Chief Planner for the Mayor’s Office of Housing in Boston. He’s a Yale graduate with an MFA from Vermont College.

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My Wound 

Dick Bentley

Cartouches of fracas and rash,
Do you see me? Flagon and fetter,
Wicker and croker sack. My grand-song—
The uproar of motorcycles.
Honey from your hand? No, song.
Give me your fingers. Around this shattered limb
Sweats the glossary of the flesh,
Crosshatched and shattered into sense.

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