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Tara Mae Mulroy is the author of the chapbook, Philomela, released from dancing girl press in 2014. Her poems, stories, and essays have been published in Third Coast, CutBank, Juked, Waccamaw, The Journal, and others found at taramaemulroy.com. She currently edits Nightjar Review and teaches Latin.

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One Poem 

Tara Mae Mulroy

MOTHER                                                  CHILD

I made you from the night’s break
against frost
          Your heart
is a sliver of glass
fished from a gutter after a bar fight
A barb of oysters stink
of whiskey
wet tobacco leaves
breath of
winter’s bitterness
how you move in me
like someone’s dying wish                            before coming there is darkness

                                                                 i have never lived
                                                                 without you

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