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Elizabeth J. Colen is the author of prose poetry collection Money for Sunsets (Steel Toe Books 2010) and flash fiction chapbook Dear Mother Monster, Dear Daughter Mistake (Rose Metal Press, 2011). She is poetry editor of Thumbnail Magazine, sometimes writes book reviews, and occasionally blogs at elizabethjcolen.blogspot.com.

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Elizabeth J. Colen

Yesterday they found a boy’s body between a log and an abandoned G-P dock, near the warming pool or cooling pool, or whatever they call where they stored water for awhile that was too wrong for the bay when the factory was going. The rhomboid that threw me every time I looked at maps of this town before we got here. When we got here I wanted to walk around it, but there are fences everywhere, concertina a heavy halo forbidding. When the factory was going, the water steamed. An always lifting fog.

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