MAY 2008


By Alicia Adams, Mar 18, 2008

Jeremy flicked the flattened spider off the table and rubbed his nails against his shirt. The guts or blood or gore blended in with the plaid flannel, hardly noticeable. I picked up my tea and drank the last of it, trying to decipher the tea leaves at the bottom and finding only a soggy Pangaea.
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In the Restaurant
By Bradley Sands, Apr 13, 2008

A baby wails. You look over at the bane of the restaurant and film industries. It is lying inside a cradle. The cradle has been placed on top of a table between a young couple. You wonder if the restaurant is out of high chairs. Are they going to eat the baby?
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Blue and Purple
By Jim Fuess, Apr 14, 2008

A Good Trip
By Andy Henion, Apr 16, 2008

He made the mistake of turning his back. Wesley identified the weak spot, a trouser hole on the back of the knee, and pounced. His plan: wound the bastard and in the ensuing commotion bolt for the woods. For Wesley had looked into those soulless orbs, smelled the whiskey on his breath, and knew he would not make it out of the trailer intact.

His timing true, he latched on and tasted the warm, salty fluid. The ponytailed man yelled and bucked, sending Wesley face-first into the muck. Teeth bared, black eyes afire, the leader cocked his fist but regained his senses at the last moment and jabbed the air between them.

“Fuckin bit me!” he said, twisting to inspect the damage.
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In Defense Of The Electronic Babysitter
By Andrew Hall, Mar 17, 2008

Mothers of America
let your kids go to the movies

“Ave Maria” - Frank O’Hara

I was exposed to sex & violence in TV & film. I abhor violence and I’m certainly not oversexed. I was spanked a few times; unfortunately, I’m not getting spanked now. Instead of reading the Bible or doing homework, I watched cartoons. I always thought that Tom, Jerry and Butch were really the best of friends, that they only chased each other for our enjoyment, that they were just doing their jobs, before going out for beers, before the evening news came on & everything became black and white again.

By Andrew Hall, Mar 17, 2008

Did you ever see two cows having sex and then you realize it’s your parents and you’re as traumatized as you were when you watched Sonny Corleone get riddled with bullets on the New Jersey Turnpike and you can only think of John Wayne sticking it into Mary Steenburgen’s ass and you realize that is impossible, because they never were in any movies together and why are all drinks at bars watered down? Especially in Vegas, when the more inebriated are more vulnerable to getting carried away on the video poker and like with my parents, dad never spanked me without telling me how it was he who envied me, because he loved getting spanked, and mom was always wearing Spock ears. Whenever I make love I see pots of drooling flesh. Is there such thing as eating order? I am so fat. How often can you see me because I have a lot to get off my chest. I saw a movie about a guy who stared at the sun and became a mad genius, why am I mad without genius? I brush my teeth and pieces of the universe become dislodged and then I rinse.

Andy Hall lives in Bloomington, Illinois, among corn and soybeans and people too. He drinks approximately 10 cups of instant coffee daily. He’s laidback.

By Jason Fisk, Mar 10, 2008

He wouldn’t let
my eager adolescence
in the barn
when he killed the cow
but he showed me where he shot it
there’s a sort of dimple in the middle
of the cow’s head where
he said he placed the gun
I was there when he cut
a long slit across its throat
I heard the faint echo
of air as it escaped
I helped peel the skin back
as he ran the knife between
hide and muscle I helped pull
the innards from the hallow cavity
accidentally puncturing the intestine
I smelled the rank gas
as it escaped
fuck’n shit he said
as he buried his head
in his sleeve
I was then shooed
to the cow’s rear
left hoof
and given a hacksaw
just cut it off he said
and I did...

Now he’s in the home
I visit on occasion
he doesn’t move much
he’s always in bed
and wears diapers
I play solitaire
when the nurse changes them
Lately his shallow breaths
remind me of the cow’s last
I just keep playing solitaire
and listen to news radio
I feel inhuman
when I size up his ankles

Jason Fisk lives in the suburbs of Chicago with his wife, daughter, and two dogs. He tries to find time to write between changing diapers and cleaning up dog doo. He is currently teaching English to students who would rather read graphic novels than learn how to write a proper sentence. You can visit him at his website.


Duotrope's Digest reported that decomP was #4 in the Top 25 Swiftest Poetry Markets and #13 in the Top 25 Most Approachable Poetry Markets before 2007 submissions closed.

By Luis Cuauhtemoc Berriozabal, Mar 07, 2008

I’m a small continent
Drifting away. I have
No borders and no known
Cities. Words make no sense
In this place. I ache as
I’m being pulled apart.

I utter new words I
Make up by mimicking
The sounds of birds. I heal
Myself in quiet rooms,
Where I face my fears in
Solitude and prayer.

I become a person
And not a continent
Using the words I learned.

By Luis Cuauhtemoc Berriozabal, Mar 07, 2008

The things I say
Might be strange to
Those who don’t pay
Close attention.
I don’t speak as
Humans do. I
Speak like birds do.
It’s easy too.
If I could learn
How to speak like
A flower or a
Tree, now that would
Be special. But
There is just not
Enough time in
The world to learn
Each language
In this large world.

Luis Cuauhtemoc Berriozabal’s chapbook, Keepers of Silence, was published in December 2007 by Kendra Steiner Editions. He also has new work in Blue Collar Review.