MAY 2007


Maine Idyll
By Ian Woolen, Jan 25, 2007
If you've come for a distraction, welcome. Nothing to be ashamed of. Minimum daily adult requirement. Everybody needs some these days. People used to come to stories for a diversion, a divertissement, as they say. Now distraction is the thing... (more)

The Deal
By Robert Klein Engler, Jan 21, 2007
A frail, autumn rain turns the street around the strip mall into a black mirror. Tony Rodriguez waits by a lamppost near the corner. His wallet is as empty as his stomach. It is late, so except for the pizzeria, the stores along the mall are closed. After a while, a metallic blue SUV pulls up to the corner... (more)

By James Burden, Jan 8, 2007

A Review of Brockmeier's The Brief History of the Dead (2007)
By Jason Jordan, Apr 28, 2007
The premise of Brockmeier’s dystopian, apocalyptic novel is more interesting in theory than on paper.  The Brief History of the Dead (Vintage, 2007) centers on Laura Byrd – a researcher stranded in an Antarctic base – and eventually it becomes clear to her that a lethal virus is circulating the globe, ravaging all those who come into contact with it.  Unsurprisingly, it decimates the world’s population.  So once the heat in the station fails, she ventures out into the vast Antarctic wilderness in hopes of reaching headquarters – a trip that takes days and is fraught with storms, fissures, and below freezing temperatures... (more)

Bad Love
By Robert Plath, Jan 14, 2007
I changed the vacuum bag
for the first time in two years
I wheeled it over the back
door's thick lip, snapped open
the plastic casing, tried
unhooking the bulging bag
pulled too hard, unintentionally
splitting open this rotten piñata
& out puffed two full years
of bad love: crumbs of burnt dinners
pubic hairs of dull, missionary sex
cigar ashes of sleepless nights
flakes of skin that crawled and were
itched off from too much drink
I tossed the remains of the torn bag
into a pail & opened a beer to wash
the rest of the ugly, dry motes from
my tongue

Robert Plath has one book of published poems called Ashtrays and Bulls, which was first place winner of Nerve Cowboy's chapbook contest. His work can be found in Barfing Dog Press, Big City Lit, Blowback, Chiron Review, Zygote in my Coffee, etc. He was a student of Allen Ginsberg's.

The Cafe
By Mathias Nelson, Jan 18, 2007
The man across the table from me
doesn’t have a head
in this black and white world
like an old television broadcast
the square tiles like a peculiar bland checkerboard
I look around
and notice all their heads
so I look down at my hands
so out of place
so tan with small black hairs
they clench the napkin
to soak the sweat
everywhere I go
this strange population
follows so I claw my head
and tear it off
if only for a moment
to feel the bliss
of the fools

Some of the mags both online and print Mathias Nelson has been published in are Zygote in my Coffee, Instant Pussy, Remark, The Oracular Tree, Cerebral Catalyst, and Cherry Bleeds. He resides in Wisconsin and is the coolest motherfucker living there. He can be reached by e-mail or at his MySpace.

i know it's been said, but don't show your poems to your wife
By Justin Hyde, Feb 4, 2007
not even
if she asks.

now if she goes rifling
through your notebooks
after you’ve passed out
and discovers
you want to fuck your mother in law
up the ass,

that’s on her.

but don't willingly
show her the evidence
that you believe is nothing,
and have faith
in even less.

she'll ask you
to see a psychologist,

break down

or put in
for divorce.

if you're unlucky enough
to be saddled
with a curious one,

just tell her
the whole business
is subtle confusion
and fictional debauchery
due to job stress.

Justin Hyde lives in Iowa. He has been accepted and rejected here and there. He can be reached by e-mail.

Chewing on Pansies
By Sandy Benitez, Jan 16, 2007
It's hard to think when you're
standing over my ideas; my eyes start
to wander and draw albino ladybugs.

They flit across my pupils. The
optometrist calls them floaters,
same difference. You suspect that

I'm corresponding with a man; a
phantom lover, when I am merely
exchanging dreams and pleasantries

with my doppelganger. Oh yes, we may
not fit the label as we don't look alike
but we feel alike. We can feel the

stars crying, catch their sorrow in
our hands. We gladly swallow the pain,
sweeten it to a pulp and regurgitate

it back into the mouth of nature.
So pass me the pansies please, I need
something fresh to chew on.

Mysteriously, we know little about Sandy Benitez, but we'd love to know more.


Congratulations to Jack T. Marlowe.  He is the winner of our Third Anniversary Contest. He has won a prize package filled with various books and zines.  Some of these books and zines are related to decomP and its contributors; others, not so much. Regardless, the prize package is sure to keep Jack  happy and busy for months, possibly even years to come. We'd like to take this opportunity to thank Jack for his continued support of our magazine. You can see his work appear here at decomP in September.  In the meantime, check out Jack's own website at


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