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Adam Siegel is a writer and translator; he lives in Northern California. Recent work in Action, Yes and BlazeVOX; recent translations with Dalkey Archive. He’s a librarian; he has a books blog at eurobooks.blogspot.com.

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Los Escondidos

Adam Siegel

The tension spread too thinly for me
I should have said to this Johnny
It is extensible and not extendable
I always had that problem with forms of address

The chief danger and nothing else
I the chief culprit and no one else
I the inheritor of all the old iconography
Let it serve as your metaphor you monster I said

Back in “the scene” I in the toilet
So dependent upon the old supply networks
Such corn squash beans others worked prayed suffered
Not to be done in the garb of men such as us

To celebrate it was to observe it
To suffer it was to mask it Johnny whispered

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