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Peter Cole Friedman is a poet and artist based in New York City. Recent work has appeared or is forthcoming in The Recluse, The Red Ceilings, Keep This Bag Away from Children, and The Found Poetry Review. He is co-editor of glitterMOB.

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Late Prelude  

Peter Cole Friedman

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A Polish Easter
lollipop I
bought for you in loneliness
do you tweet
other boys funny things?
Pinkies in
lovers’ pockets. A funhouse
has gone spooky
again in the unchanging
laptop light. Burning
cheap incense
sandalwood or clove I open
a window & like a window
am dark again
Darth Vadering this
moment away in
my machinery.
That map in Montreal
to the snow and all
the children
in toboggans
going home.
I’ve never seen so
many diamonds so
quietly die
to the night. Bruised
butterfly opening fuchsia
just to close the
pop up. I listen to Chopin
and drink
in all the different colors
of your journal.

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