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Lisa Marie Basile is a graduate of The New School’s MFA in Writing. She is the author of Andalucia (Brothel Books) and Triste (Dancing Girl Press). Her chapbook, war/lock, is being released by Hyacinth Girl Press in 2014. Her work can be seen in [PANK], > kill author, elimae & Pear Noir!, among other publications. She is the founding editor of Patasola Press, and is an assistant editor for Fifth Wednesday Journal. She is a walking #bookdress for the Footknots.com project.

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Irish Jim

Lisa Marie Basile

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He twists up to me and I am lemon-bodied. He purses
and sucks. A willow tree at the window, I stare.
He calls me the white mare from down the road.

I say I have grown my nails out
              for your corneas.

He is named James, Irish Jim,
I carve his name into the bark &

I seduce him. I am 9 and my bathing dress fits perfectly
in all the right places, of course. I pull him, I am Pagan,
I am as magical as a childhood allows,

twine him to the sap,
              locket at his chest, candle at his feet

light him up with a stack of titty magazines.

I take off my socks and stand in the sod,
              sap and semen,
              the arms so deciduous
they cradle him as Christ in the arms of mother.

I decide to find this beautiful.

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