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When not writing or studying poetry, Ahron Friedberg is a psychiatrist and psychoanalyst in Manhattan and is a clinical professor of psychiatry at Mount Sinai Medical Center. His publications for general readership include Between Us: A Father and Son Speak (iUniverse), Flashing Seven: The Seven Essential Skills for Living and Leading (IPBooks), and Love’s Way (Exlibris).

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In His Hand 

Ahron Friedberg

Under a stone bridge
arching the bridal path
he stood between

earth & sky balanced
on one foot with a hand
full of peanuts—reaching.

From out of the blue
they came, the sea gulls,
one by one, perching

on a shoulder, nesting in his salt
& pepper hair, settling in
his shade.

Tonight, I give
in to the white-
capped waves

of sky parting
like water—
I plunge.

It is so big, that fish,
& my mouth so small.

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