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Bradley K Meyer writes from Siberia. His work has appeared or is forthcoming in DASH, Toad, Superstition Review, Rust+Moth & others. He is the author of a chapbook, Hotel Room (Vostok East Press, 2013). He edits Pouch Magazine, which lives at pouchmag.com.

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One Poem  

Bradley K Meyer

‘I’m Never Drinking Again for Two Days’ —D. Wagner

My friends are sad a lot. How did that happen? Rename the Dead Sea the Shut Up, It’s Fine Sea. Lobsters do not live in the Shut Up, It’s Fine Sea. Lobsters are full of trash & live forever. However, they only carry very small amounts of immortality at a time & can be killed by external means.

To cling like moss is to cling in two distinct ways: like the sporophyte, ephemerally; like the gametophyte, structurally, persistently.

Salt water can be the driest thing. I am told in the salt desert, ‘The king of town is whoever receives the largest check from the government.’ Three girls swing their legs on a tailgate. Like wind chimes. There is much laughter here.

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