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Catherine Gonick’s poetry has appeared or is forthcoming in publications including Boston Review, Crack the Spine, Ginosko, Word Riot, Amarillo Bay, Forge, Sukoon, Soul-Lit, Jet Fuel Review, and Jewish Women’s Literary Annual. She was awarded the Ina Coolbrith Memorial Prize for Poetry as an undergraduate at UC Berkeley and was a finalist in the National Ten-Minute Play Contest with the Actors Theatre of Louisville.

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Idol Worship 

Catherine Gonick

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Each day I saw my father’s
naked meat, blithely moving
through our house to ornament
every place he stood. Downstairs
talking hours on the hall phone,
upstairs wiping steam off the mirror
as he shaved, he bore fruit,
low-hanging plums and stem,
ripe to no purpose.

Alone each night in bed,
my brain sped tranced
with desire for Flash Gordon.
I curled up like a pill bug,
stowed away inside his
rocket, waited—to be loved
or banished to some desert
planet where I’d screech
with witches till I slept,
near armadillos in a dry defile.

Now my idols break
to disremembered pieces,
pile around my husband,
pleasant stranger. Lying
at his side, I am again the child
with vision like a fly’s, mosaic,
seeing everything about the parts
but how they fit together.

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