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Laura Yes Yes is a Cave Canem fellow and associate editor of Muzzle Magazine. She is the founder and one of the curators of Real Talk Live, and is currently the fourth-ranked woman in the world of slam.

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Hydra ISO Hero

Laura Yes Yes

For that hot thrill again
of trailing our venom over the open hills,
the grass crumbling to dust in deference before us—

for living muscle twitching,
flesh in my throat
as we gorged ourselves on children
too young to outrun us—

for the orchestra of screaming,
buildings cracking into flame,
the glowing ash and embers
mimicking the heavens,

I would surrender this
eternity of tourmaline,
this cold geode womb
where nothing happens.

We are the gods’ lapdog now,
more rumor than terror.
Even with nine of us,
conversations run aground
when no one knows the news.

But when it’s my watch
and the other heads sleep,
the lake carries whispers
from the Underworld,
secrets the wise dead unfurl

like banners: he is coming
with muscle and hunger
for the glory our death will bring.
I welcome the battle, the blood.
It’s been too long since I’ve seen fire.

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