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Jeanann Verlee is the author of Racing Hummingbirds, recipient of the Independent Publisher Book Award Silver Medal in Poetry. She has also been awarded the Sandy Crimmins National Prize for Poetry. Her work has appeared in The New York Quarterly, Rattle, Failbetter, and > kill author, among others. She is a poetry editor for Union Station Magazine and director of Urbana Poetry Slam in New York City.

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How did your mother die?

Jeanann Verlee

after Claire Kageyama-Ramakrishnan

Fly fishing on Grand Mesa.


Grandpoppa’s hands.

Bacardi. Cuervo. Rot-mouth.

Palm-print. Men. Fuck. Slap. Welt.

On the river. On the Mesa. Alone.

My hands.

In the kitchen, at the stove.
In the prairie. The shed.
Under the blanket. In the bath.
Behind the barn. In the garden.
The cornfield. The river.

By stone. By thorn. By childbirth.

Slow. Like fog.

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