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Peter Richter is the founder and editor of The Broad Set Writing Collective. His poems have been published in Monkeybicycle (7), Skive Magazine (12), THE2NDHAND (online), The Northville Review (online) and Lo-Fidelity (2 + 3).

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Flower Heads and Grain

Peter Richter

We were conceived
as vulnerable spindles

w/ ballet eyes

made of metal & glass.

In a palm or on a femur,
sleep is a pulley.

We revise:

is not gained.

We hit the pummel horse
like street drummers.

Tribal rhymes.

In the kitchen sun,
apples melting in a pot,
silver whisk
& crank.

In a cabin
w/ Henry, pen
& lantern.

We leave behind
ink fingerprints

smudgeclouds on the

We are the undeniable

walking through
phonetic arches while

Whitman continues
to heal Newark.
We prove & define.

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