God Loves You
By Pavelle Wesser, Oct 15, 2006
In preparation for his impending death, Ravi Judas Levi kept three religions.  After having survived numerous assaults delivered by unidentified enemies, which included being shot and hanged from his from his thumbs, he was convinced that God was on his side.  Still, he found it troubling that of all the different Gods heíd prayed to, not one had ever answered him. Today, as he approached his apartment, he noticed something affixed to the door. Another note! He tore it down and entered quickly, shutting the door firmly behind him.  Only then did he unfold and review the noteís contents... (more)

From the Editor
By Mike Smith, Dec 2, 2006
Merry Christmas, decomP fans (if, of course, you're into Christmas). Do we have gifts for you this holiday season or what?! To your left, Pavelle Wesser brings you new prose.  To your right, Jason Jordan offers you a new review.  Below, you'll find new poems from A. Thiagarajan, Misti Rainwater-Lites, and Andrew Fitzgerald Cobb.  As an added bonus, decomP regular Jeff Crouch brings us a holiday-themed image that I know you'll enjoy.  Okay, some announcements:  Staff reviewer Jason Jordan and I will be hitting the road this month to promote our books and this very zine.  If we're in your city, stop by and visit us.  Ask us questions.  Give us eggnog.  Mug us.  We're not picky.  We'll be in Louisville (12/14), Cincinnati (12/15), Chicago (12/17), Woodstock (12/18), NYC (12/20), and Philadelphia (12/21).  More details are on our MySpace page.  Hope to see you along the way.  Oh, and don't forget to help us out with the best of decomP book by submitting to the site and showing some love via PayPal (the link is at the very bottom of the page). Now, get busy readin'...

A Review of Bojanowski's The Dog Fighter (2004)
By Jason Jordan, Nov 26, 2006
The Dog Fighter takes some getting used to. In a counterintuitive move, Marc Bojanowskiís debut novel contains the bare minimum as far as punctuation is concerned. You will find no quotation marks, commas, dashes, colons, semicolons, ellipsis, or any other helpful forms of punctuation. Instead, aside from marks native to the Spanish language (accents, etc.), you will only be given words, periods, and question marks.  Does that make for a clunky, awkward reading experience at first? You bet. To move on, this 300-page opus centers on 1940s Mexico... (more)

By A. Thiagarajan, Oct 12, 2006
Mom prays every day
while counting the number
of whistles the rice-cooker gave
or number of knocks on the door
to know if it was the son
or the husband
or the working daughter-in-law

always she keeps  
the exact count
of how many om's
there were
but that is because
of the rosary on hand?
She has this thing about her
The time when you
switch on lights
she got to wipe the dust
on the image saying
something to herself
which always is
the same stale diet-

as forgetfulness set in
one day she could not recall
what it was
when we took her
to the doctor-
we gave her mp3 and the same
prayers until she could not hear anymore-

Now it is my wife
counting the number
of whistles
whatever she does-

she watches some soap
and asks me
to put off the stove.

A. Thiagarajan taught in colleges in India before joining the finance sector. His work has appeared in SubtleTea, Poetic Diversity, A Little Poetry, Poetry Canada, Ygdrasil, etc. He lives in Mumbai, India with his wife, Rama.

itís Sunday morning (my ass is sore & I donít know why)
By Misti Rainwater-Lites, Oct 7, 2006
boning up on cerebral radionuclide angiography
it hits me
a brick in my face
to be more accurate...a butcher knife up my asshole
it's sunday morning
my ass is sore
& i don't
know why
this epiphany makes it hard
to focus on asymmetrical venous drainage
it was me & my best friend luci
last night at the nutty candy bar
we looked hot, as always
perhaps more so than usual
due to the recent laxative overdose weight loss
and silicone implants
we were sizzling like bacon
hanging out at the bar
throwing back jell-o shots and absolut royal fucks
until luci took off with some cheesy shit eating grin lobotomized
redneck in a dallas cowboys jersey
leaving me to fend for myself
i recall a guy named brock
or was it bryce?
he smelled really good
and didn't ogle my tits
just glanced at 'em once or twice
i remember riding beside him
in his jeep
justin timberlake booming from the speakers
after that
i draw
a blank
so here i sit
befuddled, a bit panicked
my anus screaming
like a southern baptist preacher

Misti Rainwater-Lites is a poet, collage artist and the editor and publisher of a monthly print poetry zine called Instant Pussy. She has published one novel and four collections of her poetry at

The Pride of the Lion
By Andrew Fitzgerald Cobb, Oct 9, 2006

My loyalty static.

Transfixed in your doorway

I become stricken to
Gut wrenching sickness
When thoughts of betrayal
Pass through my mind.

My honor strengthened,
My loyalty apparent,
I stand beside you,

With guile sunglasses
My abilities to shape reality
Only can mimic honesty

Your grasp around my throat is not forced,

I kneel in front as if in respect for royalty.

I roar in vigor to this willing fact,

I the protector, has the security
Shielding the pain of reality
With such guile sunglasses

Andrew Fitzgerald Cobb is 20 and lives in Livermore, California.  He seems like an interesting guy.

By Jeff Crouch, Nov 3, 2006

All we know about Jeff is that he lives in Grand Prairie, TX.