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Douglas Payne is a poet from San Diego, CA. His work has appeared in Angel City Review, SCAB Magazine, Shot Glass Journal, and on the daily blog of author Dennis Cooper. His chapbook Salted Rook was published in 2017 by Chest-O-Drawers Press. He is currently an MFA Candidate in Poetry at Arizona State University.

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One Poem  

Douglas Payne


I spent time crocheting you
a scorpion out of black yarn,
stained fingers of poached ivory.

Ribs coughed broken, dead
howl of monsoon, another July
where Jesus never comes back.

I place ugly paintings on my wall
of every car I should have died in:
imagine how my body might unfold.

Around my head, the red haze
of an animal far too animal,
                               too cold.

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