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Dylan Weir is a Chicagoan and MFA candidate in Poetry at the University of Wisconsin, Madison, where he teaches creative writing. He has work in (or forthcoming from): Rhino, After Hours, Catch&Release, Cleaver, Mobius, H_NMG_N, The Legendary, Literary Orphans, Melancholy Hyperbole, Red Paint Hill & others. Dylan is Co-Editor of Interviews & Reviews at Devil’s Lake. Find him on Twitter @dylanweird or dylanweir.com.

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Consolation Prize at the Hospital Giftshop

Dylan Weir

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The blood will
come back

inflating a balloon
becoming my face.

Before mother
becomes a child again,

chasing strings
after sanitariums.

She’s seen it
before—her earth

floating away—
after she detached

her address from envelopes
addressed to me.

My cheeks will crack.
The balloon will crease &—

magician I am—
I’ll draw a smile.

After her tears
my blood

will flood back
before laughter.

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