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Marcia B. Loughran has published poetry in The Riding Light Review and Newtown Literary. She received her MFA in Creative Writing from the Bennington Writing Seminars in 2013. Her upcoming chapbook, Still Life With Weather, won the 2016 WaterSedge Poetry Chapbook Prize. Marcia has performed with Writers Read NYC and the Bennington Writers series. She is a nurse practitioner and a proud Queens resident.

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Marcia B. Loughran

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In country graveyards
all over the world,
early-morning deer
detach from shadows,
graze among the headstones.
They begin the day,
backs to the living,
heads down.
It is hunting season.

We start fires in the morning
all over the world,
begin the day
heads down,
back to the living.
It is birds we look up for,
and the early light
grazing on the hill.
Hunting season.

Over cemetery breakfasts
all over the world,
we read about the moon—
last night there was a red eclipse.
Messengers halted in their rounds,
no telegrams,
the world stopped
to watch the moon smudge over
till nothing was left

but the lit end of a cigarette
glowing in a sky café.
Patient moon, you went to Paris,
all over the world.
We were not made to look up very long,
it hurts the neck, so soon,
distracted, we turn away
to graze among the headstones.
It’s hunting season.

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