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Ella Bartlett attends Barnard College in New York City, where she spends a lot of time looking for the best cafés to write in. You can find her in the Cadaverine, Necessary Fiction, Crashtest, among others. She has also been recognized twice by the National Scholastic Writing Awards.

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Two Poems 

Ella Bartlett


I wish my father loved me
most. from the kitchen
the water will rise

and let us float
backs-up but
when we stand

mold will grow
around our shins
unbled and geometrical.

hook fish in the mouth
turned to the one
who feeds me

but it tastes
like iron coastline
the wallpaper,

the porcelain sink
hands damp deadroots
as he pulls the faucet

upwards slowly
knocking jasmine and coriander
(new flowers) out

of the vase (old). Color
of departure. This
sea too deep to drain.

Maintenance Man

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