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KJ likes to make poems a lot.

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a world not fit for the refrigerator door


the sky looks a starched
blue today, & it’d almost
be beautiful if the super
glue could hold the gold
stars in place all day long

when they break free to
leave that ethereal glitter
trail it really ruins the whole
conceit of reality & i realize
that tonight is just a starry
night among many others

one day i would like to experience
something transcendent like a lover
who remembers everything & always
says yes when no one expects; so i’ve
been doing real cakewalks not just the
crappy sharpie numbers scrawled dark
on construction paper to make the most
boring dance steps ever while music plays

not a sinking feeling damns me when i walk
my foot does not sink all of the way into the
the cakes that have the thickest frosting; so
now i guess i’m most likely attaining a highly
credible lightness of being that i would use
one day to walk the seas if i were not such
a terrifically clumsy, ill-spoken mortal coil

knowing me i’d probably trip getting into
the boat and spew some gross cliche like:
ah well, at least it’s only water...right?

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