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Cathy Barber’s work has been published in Right Hand Pointing, Barefoot Review, and The Rio Grande Review and is forthcoming in The Cancer Poetry Project anthology. She recently completed an MFA in poetry from the Vermont College of Fine Arts and holds an MA from California State University East Bay. She is a past president of the board and a member of the advisory council of California Poets in the Schools. Her humor blog, Is It Just Me, can be found at isitjustme-cathy.blogspot.com.

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A Unit of Time

Cathy Barber

is made of wings and bone.
It is a sparrow
come to the fountain
to splash its wings wildly,
Its movement
to experts perched
on a nearby bench,
even if they noticed
the fountain, the bird.
They are studying
the church clock,
high on the tower
across the square.
They are debating
whether the clock
is accurate
to Daylight Savings Time,
or whether perhaps,
the clock answers only
to heavenly alterations,
Daylight Savings Time
be damned.

the sparrow has sprayed
the flakes of dust
and spattered the water
far from its now unweighted wings,
and in an instant, launched,
beyond sight,
where it will not be remembered,
now that it has passed.

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