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Stephanie Barber is a writer and video maker who constructs work that wriggles through the tight spaces in between humor and misery, science and magic and intellect and emotion. Her work has been featured in books, magazines, museums and galleries all over the world. More information exists here: stephaniebarber.com.

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Stephanie Barber

because anomie is the result of hyper moral rigidity
or a complete lack of moral rigidity it is so popular. it is the simplest
and most complicated model. it is overfilling.
you basically cannot
get a right answer, ok.
marvin gaye used to go out to
parties and stand around because mostly he was too nervous to
really get down
but his body yearned to be free he got up on the floor, so
somebody could choose him.
Choose him. Choose him.
emile durkheim is always thinking about marvin gaye and marvin gaye’s
     father, marvin gay.
his friends roll their eyes.
they lean on the kind patience they’d been taught as
children by glass nannies on deep thick puce carpets in
late afternoon hushing suns.
the birds in jatinga do not exactly kill themselves but avail themselves of
the human desire to destroy. they are winged and feathered and blue, white
     or grey.
they are disoriented. and no longer given to the pursuit of height.

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